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Loop Energy eFlow Technology

Discover how our patented fuel cell technology
increases fuel efficiency by up to 16%

More Power To Move You

Introducing Loop Energy’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Architecture
Up to 16% less fuel consumed versus industry equivalent
Up to 90% higher peak power versus industry equivalent
Reliable & durable with up to 10x better current density uniformity

Industry equivalent is the same class alternatives measured on the size of the total active area within the stack.

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Our technology is second to none

At the core of our patented eFlow™ fuel cell architecture is our signature trapezoid plate that ensures uniform current and power density across the entire active area, increasing gas velocity down the plate to deliver superior performance and water management, and significant improvements to durability, power and efficiency through our meticulous design and engineering.

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Our Zero-Emissions Future Has Arrived

In many cases, it’s not viable to simply convert commercial vehicles to battery electric.
Hydrogen makes it possible.

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Listed on TSX as LPEN, Loop Energy has a global footprint and is backed by industry leaders.

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