• Independent of oil or electrical grid
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Zero tailpipe emissions
  • Low noise pollution
  • Regulatory compliance

Increased Productivity

  • Extended range
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Fast refueling - no battery recharging
  • Improved vehicle weight - increased payload capacity
  • All-weather operation
  • Higher terminal capacity

Cost Savings

  • Equal or better cost-parity with diesel engines
  • Improved lifecycle costs vs battery alone
  • Regenerative braking for less brake wear
  • Durability - fewer moving parts
  • No oil changes
  • No need for subsidies

Loop electric-powered solutions offer truck and bus OEMs a clean energy solution to replace a powertrain’s internal combustion engine with an electric hydrogen fuel cell range extender that allows vehicles to travel farther, fuel quickly, and carry more payload.

Smaller and lighter than battery systems, Loop range extenders incorporate the most compact, tough, powerful and economically-viable fuel cell power module available today.

Powered by eFlow® technology – a unique design change that removes 30% of the capital cost of traditional fuel cells – each Loop platform offers a significantly lower capital and lifecycle cost versus battery-only solutions.

Loop is bringing economically-viable zero-emissions to urban environments where it is demanded the most. Without any compromises.


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We provide affordable fuel cell power modules for leading truck and bus manufacturers who want to gain an edge and eliminate toxic diesel from urban environments. The benefits of Loop’s scalable fuel cell range extender product line make them ideal for a range of medium-to-heavy duty transportation applications.


Port Drayage, Container Trucks & Vocational Trucks

Helping customers deliver zero-emissions is what we do. Our next-generation engines are engineered to provide productive, efficient and durable performance for short and regional-haul Class 6-8 trucks.

Offering long operating range, quick fill-ups and zero emissions, Loop systems can meet the total cost of ownership demanded by heavy-duty truck operators.

Loop Energy’s hydrogen fuel cell range extenders act as an on-board power generator to charge batteries to support peak power demands while capturing energy derived through regenerative braking. This hybrid solution reduces the size and weight of a pure battery-electric truck to provide extended range, super high-torque for heavy loads, quick fill-ups and emission-free freight movement.

As ports and urban centers mandate emission-free alternatives, future-proof your delivery operations ahead of legislation that will remove diesel-fueled vehicles from port operations and roads.

Want to see how Loop powertrain solutions can address your trucking challenges, without impacting the bottom line?

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Transit & School Buses

Tackling greenhouse gas emissions is imperative, especially in urban areas where transit and school buses operate.

Loop is helping cities and transit agencies be stronger and more sustainable by powering bus fleets economically, quietly, and with zero emissions.

Our range extender marries a limited-range battery electric system with the benefits of a fuel cell range extender to provide an extended-range, rapidly-refueled, zero-emission solution.

Bus operators now have a quiet and vibration-free alternative to address the ‘range anxiety’ inherent with pure-battery electric heavy-duty buses, and a zero-emission alternative in contrast to polluting diesel or natural gas engines.

Loop’s fuel cell systems are foremost about performance and offer original equipment manufacturers a range of configurable platform choices for a variety of medium-to- heavy duty buses.

Find out which Loop fuel cell range extended solution is right for you.

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Products are available as base fuel cell stacks or complete drop-in range extender models.
eFlow® Fuel Cell Technology image

Loop has developed the next generation of components engineered to increase the adoption of fuel cells in a range of applications. Fuel cells have proven their performance requirements but cost has remained an impediment to wide adoption. eFlow®-powered products optimize air flow in a fuel cell, thereby increasing efficiency and durability, resulting in improved power, performance and cost.

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Fuel Cell Stacks image

Loop’s bold leap in fuel cell technology provides product integrators with the world’s highest energy density for a fuel cell stack. Loop fuel cell stacks provide increased power output, smaller package size, and 30-40% less material capital cost than competitive fuel cells. Suitable for mobile and stationary applications.

Fuel Cell Range Extenders image

Loop Fuel Cell Range Extenders (FCREX) are the most compact, powerful, and economic power modules, giving medium-to-heavy duty transport OEMs an edge in the competitive zero-emission industry. With unmatched performance and economic advantages, Loop products provide extended range for electric powertrains at significantly lower capital and lifecycle costs versus additional battery capacity alone. Our breakthroughs make fuel cell range extension economically viable, for short and regional-haul trucking and transit applications, due to their operational parameters.

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About Loop

Loop Energy is a rapidly growing developer, manufacturer and supplier of hydrogen fuel cell solutions that deliver commercial impact. Based in Burnaby, British Columbia – the cradle of fuel cell innovation – Loop provides enviable zero-emission products for leading vehicle manufacturers who want to thrive in a zero-emission economy. Through our comprehensive product development and manufacturing, partners and customers gain better performance, lower operating costs, and reduced environmental impact. Loop is a reminder that everything we do affects others.

The tenets of our business are:

  • Work with nature
  • Continuous innovation
  • Industry leadership
  • Manufacture commericially-viable fuel cell solutions
  • Operational excellence
  • Customer satisfaction

Our Vision

At Loop, we see a world where we can power our lives without damaging the planet. One where we replace the industrial age mentality of “take, make, waste” with regenerative energy solutions. One that uses the natural elements and flows of nature to generate clean and efficient power. One that doesn’t burn fuels to create energy, but instead uses renewable energy from the sun and wind to power fuel cells that generate power for vehicles, buildings and more, with the only by-product being water-vapor. A world of loops.

Want to get “in the Loop”?

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Our Executive Team

Ben Nyland, President & CEO Image
Darren Ready, Chief Financial Officer Image
Dr. Sean MacKinnon, Chief Scientist Image
Rob Stevenson, Director of Operations Image
Daryl D. Musselman, PhD, PEng, VP Engineering Image

Ben Nyland, President & CEO

Mr. Nyland was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Loop Energy in 2015, following three years as the company’s Chief Operations Officer. At a pivotal point in company’s development, Mr. Nyland is responsible for the company’s strategic planning, corporate leadership, market expansion, and managing key partner relationships as the company commercializes its clean and affordable transportation solutions. Prior to joining Loop, Ben spent 10+ years in a variety of senior management positions including President of Rampworth Capital Services as well as Exro Technologies and Maclean Group Marketing.

Darren Ready, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Ready joined Loop Energy in 2017 as Chief Financial Officer with responsibility for the company’s financial compliance, strategy and governance. He comes to Loop after spending ten years in similar roles with a variety of private and public companies in the clean technology and biotechnology sectors. Darren earned his Bachelor of Commerce in International Business from the University of Victoria, and holds CPA and CMA designations. He currently serves on the Innovation Committee for the Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Sean MacKinnon, Chief Scientist

As Chief Scientist at Loop Energy, Dr. MacKinnon is responsible for leading and guiding the evolution of the company’s suite of fuel cell technology solutions. With extensive experience in research, development and project management, Dr. MacKinnon joined Loop in 2012 after conducting two peer reviews of the company’s eFlow® fuel cell technology and validating its capacity to address technical barriers encountered in his earlier career with Ballard Power Systems and General Motors Fuel Cell R&D. Dr. MacKinnon also worked with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) where he helped construct a national program for alternative vehicle propulsion technologies. He received his Doctorate in Chemistry from Carleton University and holds 36 patents, with 13 others pending.

Rob Stevenson, Director of Operations

As Loop Energy’s Director of Operations, Rob Stevenson is responsible for the manufacturing and product integration of the company’s fuel cell engines. Prior to joining Loop in 2017, Rob’s career spanned a variety of roles in the automotive and high-tech industries including Product & Process Engineer at Toyota North America and Program Management at the Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation (AFCC). Rob holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from the University of British Columbia.

Daryl D. Musselman, PhD, PEng, VP Engineering

Daryl joined Loop Energy in 2020, bringing extensive experience from the renewable energy and automotive sectors. Most recently Daryl was VP Operations and Engineering for Svante (formerly Inventys), building and leading a team to develop, demonstrate, and commercialize their proprietary carbon capture technology. Daryl held similar executive roles with energy harvesting, distributed wind, renewable biogas, and hydrogen generation technology companies following an earlier career focused on specialty new product development, vehicle design, manufacturing, and assembly for automotive companies, both Tier 1 and OEM. A registered Professional Engineer, Daryl has BASc and MASc degrees from the University of Waterloo, a PhD from Western University, and the Executive Development Course from McGill University.

Our Board of Directors

Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt, Chairman of the Board Image
Allan Collings, Director Image
David Leger, Director and Founder Image
Neil Murdoch, Director Image
Wayne Eckerle, Vice President Global Research and Technology at Cummins Image

Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Truckenbrodt joined Loop Energy as its Chairman of the Board in 2014 after a successful 30+ year career in the automotive industry. Previously he was CEO/CTO of the Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation (AFCC) – a joint venture of Daimler and Ford – where he was responsible for driving the development and commercialization of the automaker’s fuel cell vehicle program. Prior to AFCC, Dr. Truckenbrodt led the Hybrid Development Center for Daimler Chrysler, as well as senior management and engineering roles with Daewoo and BMW. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering and a Diplom-Ingenieur in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University in Munich, Germany. Dr. Truckenbrodt is currently President and CEO of the Canadian Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association and a consultant advising companies with their clean energy transport programs.

Allan Collings, Director

Mr. Collings is co-founder and co-chairman of ACM Advisors, a leading commercial mortgage fund manager in Canada. Since joining Loop as a Director in 2015, Mr. Collings has added significant strategic business planning, financial analysis, management and administrative experience to the Company’s Board based on his many years of senior financial and accounting management positions with Rogers Cablevision and British Columbia’s forest industry. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Business Administration from the University of British Columbia.

David Leger, Director and Founder

As founder of Loop Energy and co-inventor of the company’s core eFlow® fuel cell technology, Mr. Leger has played a key role in developing the company’s corporate strategy to support product development and commercialization as well as investor communications and relationships. An inventor at heart, Mr. Leger is a recent winner of Canada’s Clean16 Award in recognition of his innovations in fuel cell technologies. He is currently a member of the Board of the Canadian Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association.

Neil Murdoch, Director

Mr. Murdoch has been a Director of Loop Energy since 2016 following a rewarding career as President of Aston Hill Asset Management and founding member of Connor, Clark & Lunn Capital Markets Inc. where, as President & CEO he raised over $2.5 billion in new assets before being acquired by Aston Hill in 2013. Mr. Murdoch is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University, a Bachelor of Law from the University of Toronto, and a Master of Management degree from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Wayne Eckerle, Vice President Global Research and Technology at Cummins

As Vice President Global Research and Technology at Cummins, Wayne Eckerle is responsible for developing and integrating technology for the company’s next generation of products, developing advanced computer simulation and advanced manufacturing capability, deploying engineering processes to improve product development efficiency, and creating the technology roadmaps to deliver future products. Since joining Cummins in 1989, he has also held leadership positions in Metrology, Quality, Fuel Systems Technology, Thermal and Fluid Sciences, and Advanced Engineering. Dr. Eckerle joined Loop Energy’s Board of Directors in 2020 following Cummins investment in the Company.

Our Partners

Loop engages with strategic partners, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators, suppliers and research institutions who share our mission to reduce toxic diesel emissions from global cities and ports. The following domestic and international market leaders and government agencies have partnered with Loop to decarbonize supply chains, move freight and passengers more efficiently, and eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

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