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More Power To Move You
Zero-Emissions Solution for Commercial Mobility

With the mission to be the engine driving zero-emissions, Loop Energy is committed to delivering a high-performing and economical solution for its customers to accelerate the adoption of fuel cell technology.

Loop Energy is a leading designer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell systems for the electrification of commercial mobility. Vehicles such as transit buses, logistics fleets, delivery trucks and specialty vehicles utilize Loop Energy’s proprietary eFlowTM technology as a zero-emissions power solution.

Loop Energy works alongside OEMs, integration partners and sub-system suppliers to support the integration of high-efficiency and affordable fuel cell systems into electric vehicles for fleet operators.

Our Journey to Support the Clean Energy Transition

Founded in 2000, Loop Energy was created with the sole purpose of decarbonizing the commercial vehicle industry. During the research and development phase, Loop Energy collaborated with Canada’s National Research Council and various OEMs to ensure its products are optimized for the needs of commercial fleet operators. Born out of this innovative process was Loop Energy’s patented eFlow™ technology, designed to improve performance and economics for both OEMs and end-users. Along the way, Loop Energy secured two strategic rounds of investment, as the industry began to see hydrogen fuel cells as an effective zero-emissions substitute for diesel. In 2021, the rise in interest in clean technology saw the company take the opportunity to raise $100 million CAD on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This investment and enthusiasm have allowed Loop Energy to scale its production capabilities in Vancouver, Canada and Shanghai, China, and expand its sales and market support footprint in Europe, Asia and North America. With an experienced leadership team and more than 100 employees worldwide, Loop Energy’s fuel cell engines are now the driving force behind zero-emissions vehicles on the road.

The eFlow™ Advantage

Loop Energy’s eFlow™ fuel cell architecture delivers new levels of fuel efficiency, peak power and durability with its 16-90-10 advantage.

At the core of this innovation is its signature trapezoid plate design that ensures improved uniform current density across the entire active area and increases gas velocity throughout the plate to deliver superior performance and water management.

With a focus on reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), eFlow delivers up to 16% higher fuel efficiency and up to 90% more peak power in the same size stack versus same class alternatives, providing higher payload capacity and extended operating range. Testing also indicates that Loop Energy’s bipolar plate architecture delivers up to 10 times better current density uniformity than conventional bipolar plates, resulting in lower service and maintenance costs. Through meticulous design and engineering, Loop Energy has achieved a fuel cell that increases performance, delivers lower TCO and gets vehicles on the road faster for its customers.


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