Stationary Power Systems

Whether it’s building EV charging stations or replacing diesel gensets with cleaner options, hydrogen fuel cells provide a compelling solution to stationary power supply needs.

From supplanting our electricity infrastructure in order to have reliable backup power, to providing sufficient power sources outside of urban areas that aren’t built to the urban grid, there are a myriad of scenarios where stationary power systems are needed. Where power is not feasibly built in and sourceable, hydrogen fuel cell power provides a simple solution.

Resolve Infrastructure Limits

Existing power grids may be inadequate in providing sufficient power in many scenarios. On-site hydrogen power systems offer a quick and easy-to-deploy solution.

Worry-Free Power
On Demand

If you need to charge many vehicles at once during peak hours, the grid will not give you what you need. Hydrogen fuel cell stationary systems to the rescue.

Store Power Until
It’s Needed

Unlike a battery's storage depletion, hydrogen is an efficient method of energy storage until it needs to be converted into electricity for use.

Plus Other Key Benefits of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle:

Why should you choose Loop Energy to power your hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles?


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