Materials Handling

Hydrogen fuel cell powered material handling vehicles and warehouse management equipment offer much higher performance than pure electric options.

Reap the benefits of a hydrogen fuel cell for your material handling equipment by not only unlocking more time for productivity with its short refueling time, but you will also enjoy the improved equipment performance in situations that demand consistent equipment power. From forklifts to rubber tire gantries, hydrogen fuel cells are the path to zero emissions transition for material handling equipment.


Uptime is key to your operational success, and you need equipment that can reliably operate for entire shifts. Battery-powered equipment often falls short of required performance as batteries approach minimum SoC levels. Hydrogen fuel cells ensure batteries are always at an optimum state of charge.

Minimize Space Requirements

Swapping batteries can be cumbersome, expensive and requires additional real estate. Fast hydrogen refueling times keep space requirements small.

Operate in
Any Location

While the power required for battery charging may not be available in all locations, hydrogen fuel cell materials handling equipment can be deployed anywhere.

Plus Other Key Benefits of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle:

Get Power

Construction sites are just one example of locations that are often not connected to the grid, yet require significant power. Hydrogen fuel cell solutions can solve the problem while eliminating pollution otherwise typical for a diesel gen-set solution.

Reducing Operating Costs

When compared to diesel genset solutions, hydrogen fuel cell-based generators can help reduce operating costs due to a better match between fuel cell efficiency and user load profile than what is normally possible with a diesel genset.

Long Term Standby Capacity

In remote locations, hydrogen offers the advantage of having nearly unlimited storage life, versus diesel which is limited both in terms of longevity and more prone to diesel theft.

Plus Other Key Benefits of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle:

Why should you choose Loop Energy to power your hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles?


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