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Heavy Duty &
Semi Trailer Trucks

When it comes to electrifying trucks and heavy-duty vehicles, the answer is a no-brainer: hydrogen fuel cells are the way to go.

Large, heavy-duty trucking applications are a perfect storm: long driving range, extended high speed highway driving, and heavy payload. All of these requirements add up to an immense requirement for on-board energy storage that is very difficult to meet with current battery technologies. Hydrogen fuel cells enable the benefits of electric heavy-duty trucking without sacrificing capabilities the industry has come to expect from diesel solutions.

Go Further with
Longer Range

By displacing battery packs with a hydrogen tank and fuel cell system, your electric truck can drive further with the same payload.

Access More

Axle load limits are a serious issue for heavy-duty vehicles. The use of hydrogen fuel cells keeps the weight of the tractor-trailer low, payload capacity high, and the ability to use roads the same or similar to that of a comparable diesel vehicle.

Speed Up,
Save Time

Optimize your fuel management, lower downtime from charging, and reduce the number of vehicles to do the job compared to an electric equivalent!

Plus Other Key Benefits of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle:

Why should you choose Loop Energy to power your hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles?


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