Customer Support

Our Customer Support Program

At Loop Energy, we always put our customers first. As a result, we have developed a comprehensive customer support program ranging from early system configuration and product fit consultations to product integration support, maintenance training and timely response on both technical and business issues throughout the product lifecycle.

We believe that Loop Energy is successful when our customers are successful.

Customer Service Portal

All Loop Energy customers enjoy access to a dedicated customer portal where they can access technical documentation and support by using an individually assigned customer ID and log in.

To learn more about engaging with Loop Energy contact our sales and business development team.

Components & Services For Your Fuel Cell System

Our customer-centric focus means you receive much more than just a fuel cell when partnering with Loop Energy to develop a hydrogen-electric vehicle platform.

Whether you’re a long-term partner or it’s your first time working with us, Loop Energy is committed to providing with you with the support, parts and tools you need to make your transition to hydrogen-electric applications seamless.