Loop Energy
eFlow Technology

OEMs & End-Users Benefit by Gaining up to

16% Better Fuel Efficiency

Loop Energy’s
eFlow Technology

Loop Energy hydrogen fuel cell solutions feature the company’s proprietary eFlow™ technology.

At the core of this technology is our signature trapezoid bipolar plate design with narrowing channels, which enables uniform mass flow and increases gas velocity. This allows Loop Energy fuel cells to deliver super performance including greater fuel efficiency, improved water management and operate at higher peak power.

OEMs & End-Users Benefit by Gaining up to 16% Better Fuel Efficiency

with Loop Energy’s eFlow Technology

Customers benefit from this in many ways, including lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and enable a faster time to market for your hydrogen electric product.

How is it better?

eFlow™’s superior water management offers an efficiency advantage at nearly all points where typical fuel cells operate.

eFlow™’s peak power extends far beyond “mass-transport” limits of typical fuel cells.

How eFlow Architecture Delivers Superior Performance

eFlow™ Characteristics

  • Increased channel flow velocity (Bernoulli’s Principle)
  • Uniform mass flow per unit area
  • Improved mass transport

Key Benefits

  • Better Fuel Efficiency
  • Higher Peak Power
  • Uniform Cell Operation
  • Improved Water Management

How eFlow Architecture Enables Higher Fuel Efficiency

eFlow™ Characteristics

  • Decreasing escape distance (fraction of X)
  • Electron resistance average distance of escape is lower
  • Reduced Electrical Loss

Key Benefits

  • Higher Fuel Efficiency

Our eFlow Products

Loop Energy fuel cell modules are carefully engineered to deliver industry leading performance and cost of ownership benefits for each target application.

Each product category is precision tuned to produce an unmatched combination of fuel efficiency and peak-power in its class. Designed for seamless integration, our fuel cell modules are significantly smaller and lighter than most alternatives and are backed by Loop’s unwavering commitment to customer technical support.

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