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Loop Energy Inc. is a Canadian developer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell solutions designed for commercial vehicle and stationary power OEMs. Our revolutionary eFlow™ fuel cell architecture enables significant improvements to power density and fuel efficiency, which translates to lower operating costs for vehicles and a host of other performance benefits.

Quarterly Results

2023 Q1 Conference Call

2023 Q1 Financial Statement

2023 Q1 Management’s Discussion & Analysis

2023 Q1 Press Release

2022 Q4 Conference Call

2022 Q4 Financial Statement

2022 Q4 Management’s Discussion & Analysis

2022 Q4 Press Release

2022 Q4 Annual Information Form

2022 Q3 Earnings Call – Ben Nyland & Damian Towns

2022 Q3 Financial Statement

2022 Q3 Management’s Discussion & Analysis

2022 Q3 Press Release

2022 Q2 Financial Statement

2022 Q2 Management’s Discussion & Analysis

2022 Q2 Press Release

2022 Q1 Webcast

2022 Q1 Financial Statement

2022 Q1 Management’s Discussion & Analysis

2022 Q1 Press Release

2021 Q4 Webcast

2021 Q4 Financial Statement

2021 Q4 Management’s Discussion & Analysis

2021 Q4 Press Release

2021 Q4 Annual Information Form

2021 Q3 WebcastDownload MP3
2021 Q3 Financial StatementDownload PDF
2021 Q3 Management’s Discussion & AnalysisDownload PDF
2021 Q3 Press ReleaseDownload PDF
2021 Q2 WebcastDownload MP3
2021 Q2 Financial StatementDownload PDF
2021 Q2 Management’s Discussion & AnalysisDownload PDF
2021 Q2 Press ReleaseDownload PDF
2021 Q1 WebcastDownload MP3
2021 Q1 Financial StatementDownload PDF
2021 Q1 Management’s Discussion & AnalysisDownload PDF
2021 Q1 Press ReleaseDownload PDF
2020 Q4 WebcastDownload MP3
2020 Q4 Financial StatementDownload PDF
2020 Q4 Management’s Discussion & AnalysisDownload PDF
2020 Q4 Press ReleaseDownload PDF
2020 Q4 Annual Information FormDownload PDF

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