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Urban Delivery & Logistics

Hydrogen fuel cells are a proven solution for electrifying delivery vehicles, urban logistics and inner city mobility fleets.

Whether it be delivery vans or other types of urban logistics vehicles, fleet electrification offers numerous benefits. In larger operations, the benefits really multiply. Many urban delivery and logistics vehicle OEMs have now recognized the need to design electric vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells as a method of choice to achieve the range, cost and performance that their customers want.

Increased Payload

Eliminate the need for a much larger number of electric vehicles to match diesel's payload capacity, by replacing some of the on-board battery storage with a much lighter hydrogen fuel cell solution.

Increased All-Season Range

Ensure electrified fleets can service the same area as diesel solutions by expanding battery electric platform's limited functionalities with hydrogen fuel cell range extender.

Increased Availability

Leverage quick refueling times associated with hydrogen fuel cell solutions to increase fleet availability during the peak-demand periods.

Plus Other Key Benefits of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle:

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