Transit Buses

Hydrogen fuel cells are essential for electric buses to compete with diesel solutions in passenger capacity, operation and vehicle performance.

Buses must be capable of completing its route on its most demanding day whether it’s range, terrain, weather and other factors. This means the bus must be built to meet its highest kwh per km energy consumption. At the same time, electric buses have to offer same or similar passenger capacity to that of diesel alternatives in order to become economically viable for municipal transit service. Hydrogen fuel cells can enable battery electric buses to maintain high ridership while still being able to service same routes as diesel all year-round.

Increased Passenger Capacity

Electric buses pay a steep price for every km of driving range by quickly losing passenger capacity due to battery weight. Hydrogen fuel cell range extenders solve the issue by keeping the curb weight low and passenger capacity high.

Axle Load Limits

Electric buses can often find themselves in conflict with axle load requirements designed to ensure reasonable longevity of municipal road infrastructure. Hydrogen fuel cells enable lighter vehicles that do not over-stress the paving while eliminating urban air pollution.

Efficient Use of
Heat & Electricity

Pure battery-electric buses suffer from significantly reduced range due to seasonal use of battery capacity for cabin heating. Hydrogen fuel cell solutions enable the use of fuel cell heat for cabin heating, thus preserving electrical energy for the powertrain.

Plus Other Key Benefits of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle:

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