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Loop Energy Inc. is a Canadian developer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell solutions designed for commercial vehicle and stationary power OEMs. Our revolutionary eFlow™ fuel cell architecture enables significant improvements to power density and fuel efficiency, which translates to lower operating costs for vehicles and a host of other performance benefits.

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Loop Energy is a rapidly growing developer, manufacturer and supplier of hydrogen fuel cells to vehicle and power generation system manufacturers around the world.

As the world searches for a more climate-friendly path moving forward, we must decarbonize and shift to energy efficient technologies, including the use of hydrogen and fuel cells, to meet our clean energy goals.

Electrification of the transport and power generation sectors will be critical, and the pathway via hydrogen is essential.

As an industry-leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of industry-leading hydrogen fuel cell solutions for commercial vehicles and stationary power systems, bus, truck and stationary original equipment manufacturers are turning to Loop Energy as our eFlow™ products dramatically increase the efficiency, power, longevity, and economics of zero-emission fuel cell systems.

Loop Energy is striving to build a zero-emissions world.


Q3 2023




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