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Loop Energy’s zero-emission solution for the heavy-duty transportation sector

Loop Energy’s S1200 sets a new standard in fuel efficiency with up to 20 kWh/kg NET energy output at the system level. To benefit fleet operators, we’ve designed it to achieve this level of fuel consumption in cruise mode as opposed to idle power. 

S1200 features a wide cruise mode power range that ensures fuel efficient operation for under just about any conditions. At the same time, impressive acceleration power is always there, should the real-world conditions require it.

Our 120 kW fuel cell is designed as a fully-integrated system that not only offers a plug-and-play solution, but also includes flexible packaging with moveable components. This allows us to customize the S1200 according to your spacing requirements and platform configurations.

Loop Energy launched the S1200 at a press conference at IAA Transportation in Hannover, Germany, on September 19, 2022.

Product Highlights

Up to 120 kW peak power
using next-gen bipolar plates


* Estimated. All dimensions include export power DC-DC, air compressor system, fuel recirculation and cooling system (radiator not included)
** Dry weight. Includes DC-DC & cooling system (radiator not included)
All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Where It Counts

Up to 60% net system efficiency in cruise mode

Powered by eFlow™, Loop Energy has improved S1200’s fuel efficiency over our existing products by another 20%, bringing the future forward by making hydrogen-diesel fuel cost parity a reality for the first time. 

With our latest product operating at up to 60% efficiency, hydrogen-electric can now be cost-competitive with the fuel costs for diesel vehicles.

Cruise Range

Across a wide net power range 17-83 kW

S1200 offers users a wide cruise operating range that adjusts power output to meet the drive cycle requirements.

S1200 delivers its industry leading fuel efficiency over a wide operating power range. As a result, S1200 can deliver fuel savings for just about any drive-cycle or operating strategy.

Low Cost Integration

Factory preprogrammed system & flexible packaging

As a complete fuel cell system integrated with cooling system and DC-DC converter, S1200 offers OEMs a fully-integrated ready-to-adopt solution.

Working closely with our customers, S1200 was designed for flexible configuration, to reduce both time and cost in the integration phase for any application.

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