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Hydrogen Fuel Cells Modules and Systems for Commercial Mobility & Stationary Power with eFlow Technology

Hydrogen Fuel Cell


Loop Energy fuel cell modules are carefully engineered to deliver industry leading performance and cost of ownership benefits for each target application. Each product category is precision tuned to produce an unmatched combination of fuel efficiency and peak-power in its class. Designed for seamless integration, our fuel cell modules are significantly smaller and lighter than most alternatives and are backed by Loop’s unwavering commitment to customer technical support. We have worked closely with customers to ensure each fuel cell module in our portfolio is designed with consideration to target operating duty cycle requirements, integration space envelope availability, as well as capital and operating cost constraints.

What’s Inside

  • Fuel cell stack with
  • eFlow™ technology
  • Humidifier
  • Intercooler
  • Air compressor
  • Hydrogen injector and ejector assembly
  • Temperature, pressure, and mass air flow sensors
  • Integrated condensate trap
  • 24 to 12 V DCDC converter
  • Check valve, isolation valve, drain valve manifold
  • Air inlet and outlet manifolds
  • Hydrogen sensor manifold
  • Solenoid valves
  • Level sensor

Product Highlights

Up to 120 kW peak power
using next-gen bipolar plates


* Estimated. All dimensions include export power DC-DC, air compressor system, fuel recirculation and cooling system (radiator not included)
** Dry weight. Includes DC-DC & cooling system (radiator not included)
All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Where It Counts

Up to 60% net system efficiency in cruise mode

Powered by eFlow™, Loop Energy has improved S1200’s fuel efficiency over our existing products by another 20%, bringing the future forward by making hydrogen-diesel fuel cost parity a reality for the first time. 

With our latest product operating at up to 60% efficiency, hydrogen-electric can now be cost-competitive with the fuel costs for diesel vehicles.

Cruise Range

Across a wide net power range 17-83 kW

S1200 offers users a wide cruise operating range that adjusts power output to meet the drive cycle requirements.

S1200 delivers its industry leading fuel efficiency over a wide operating power range. As a result, S1200 can deliver fuel savings for just about any drive-cycle or operating strategy.

Low Cost Integration

Factory preprogrammed system & flexible packaging

As a complete fuel cell system integrated with cooling system and DC-DC converter, S1200 offers OEMs a fully-integrated ready-to-adopt solution.

Working closely with our customers, S1200 was designed for flexible configuration, to reduce both time and cost in the integration phase for any application.

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