İntermobil Automotive Will Represent Loop Energy in Turkish Automotive Market

Thursday, July 28, 2022 – İntermobil Automotive and Loop Energy announced a strategic partnership to meet the increasing demand for fuel cells in the Turkish automotive market.

Having successfully introduced international brands to the Turkish market for 68 years, İntermobil will cooperate with Canada’s leading hydrogen fuel cell developer and manufacturer, Loop Energy. Loop Energy’s range of 30 to 60 kW fuel cells offers customers the benefits of industry-leading fuel efficiency. It is delivered ready for integration by combining a fuel cell engine, a cooling system and a DC-DC converter. Together, the two companies will support the green transformation of the Turkish ecosystem by supporting commercial manufacturers to develop fuel cell electric vehicles.

Loop Energy represented by İntermobil joins the ranks of ZF Friedrichshafen  WABCO, Hella and many more new generation automotive brands. Long standing representations bring decades of experience representing global industry suppliers in the commercial vehicle space in Turkey. The agreement stems from the growing interest in developing hydrogen-electric vehicles in Turkey and will enable İntermobil to combine its experience and relationships in the Turkish market with Loop Energy’s fuel cell solutions.

İntermobil’s role in the collaboration will be  to present Loop Energy’s fuel cell offerings to the Turkish market, to provide customers with technical and on-site integration support for vehicle configuration, after-sales and quality management services.

Loop Energy Sales Executive George Rubin and İntermobil Chairman of the Board Nadine Perahya signed the agreement on May 25, 2022 in Istanbul and officially started the business partnership.

Source: İntermobil Automotive

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