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Inside the ShineFleet project: How Loop Energy is supporting the next wave of vehicles for the Spanish transportation sector

Europe’s logistics and transportation sector is one of the world’s greatest opportunities to reduce GHG emissions. Consisting of diverse markets, European fleet operators, manufacturers and governments are leading the charge to capitalize on this opportunity to decarbonize commercial vehicles. One unique and advancing market is…


Loop Energy Provides Queen’s University Students with Industry Experience Through Education Consulting Project

Over the recent fall semester, Loop Energy provided 80 first- and second-year students from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University with the opportunity to gain industry experience through a consulting education project. Led by a student-run organization, CREO Solutions, students conducted a market…


Collaboration between Aliant Battery and Loop Energy Expands Footprint of emfeld Gmbh’s Zero-Emissions Solution Across Europe

Via Aliant Ultralight Battery. 01/18: Imola (Italy) and Vaihingen an der Enz (Germany) – emfeld Gmbh has engaged Aliant Ultralight Battery to supply its H2FC Lithium System solution to generate zero-emissions power for film sets across Europe. H2FC combines Aliant’s lithium battery technology with Loop Energy™’s S300 Series…