Insights Gained from ACT Expo and The World Hydrogen Summit

From May 9 to 11, the Loop Energy team was on the road, raising awareness of its eFlow technology and learning about developments in the global hydrogen and commercial mobility industries.

We were in the heart of the hydrogen transition at the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on one side of the world. On the other, we took to the endless rows of mobility innovations at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, California.

Our President & CEO, Ben Nyland and Chief Commercial Officer, George Rubin, participated in panel discussions at respective events. The overarching theme of both conversations was how to scale production to improve the availability and affordability of hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

To better understand the insights we learned from attending and our progress in developing partnerships, we spoke to our Marketing Director, Ethan Hugh (ACT Expo) and Events Specialist, Josh Bauer (World Hydrogen Summit).

ACT Expo 2022 in Long Beach, CA. Photo by NHOUSE Photo Services for Gladstein Neandross and Associations

Welcome back both of you. Can you start by sharing some of the emerging trends you saw at the conferences?

Ethan: Yes! It’s good to be back. It has been a whirlwind few days. What stood out to me most was the interest level in hydrogen has significantly grown from last year’s show to this year’s. Not only was there an apparent growth in attendance, but the behaviour was different as well. The presentations were full, people were taking notes and there was intent around purchasing and implementation across the show rather than purely learning about the technology. ACT also had a very international feel this year. It is great to see North America becoming a venue for leading hydrogen exhibitions.

Josh: In Rotterdam, I saw a lot of interest in using hydrogen to provide electricity to new housing developments, which Loop has seen with its customers Hylife Innovations and Innotest AG. There is also a lot of momentum around the push for Green Hydrogen production. I saw a lot of announcements regarding electrolysis, infrastructure and production projects, including an impressive agreement between the Government of the Netherlands and the Australian Government.

How did attending these events provide exposure to Loop and its eFlow technology?

Ethan: It was great to see all the large truck manufacturers showcasing their commitment to electrifying their vehicles. Our customer, Tevva Motors had a truck at the event, so we were able to show attendees a vehicle using a Loop Energy fuel cell. The return to in-person events also allowed us to meet and have conversations with partners we hadn’t seen in a while. And with George moderating the session around hydrogen fueling, we were introduced to some vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators looking to scale up.

Josh: Ben had a great opportunity to talk about the challenges and opportunities for building hydrogen ecosystems alongside Airbus, the Portuguese Government, Daimler Truck and Aramco. Much like at ACT with Tevva, we were able to point to our customer, Hylife Innovations, which was co-exhibiting with us. Seeing as there was a lot of interest in using hydrogen to power homes and neighbourhoods, we could show that our fuel cells easily fit into these types of power solutions.

ACT Expo 2022 in Long Beach, CA. Photo by NHOUSE Photo Services for Gladstein Neandross and Associations

What would you highlight as your key takeaways from each event?

Ethan: Compared to when we attended in 2021, people are now familiar with who Loop Energy is and our products. I also saw a growing understanding from attendees that not all fuel cells are created equal. Everyone is interested in the details around performance and finding the solution best suited for their application. This show is where our potential customers and partners are, so we will be back next year!

Josh: For me, the World Hydrogen Summit was a premier event and a good place for Loop Energy to showcase itself. It is exciting to be alongside many innovative companies bringing their technology to the world. Being in Rotterdam, a city that is undertaking an enormous amount of hydrogen innovation, was the perfect stage for us to come together and share our advancements in technology.